Dane Buy Local Board of Directors


Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson
General Manager, Towns & Associates, Inc.

Vice President/Secretary:

Jennifer Krueger
Jennifer Krueger
Business Attorney, Citizen Supporter


Chris Fearn
Chris Fearn
Supervisor, SVA Certified Public Accountants





At Large

Pam Christenson
Pam Christenson
Economic Development Director, Madison Gas & Electric

Rachel Weinberg
Admissions & Program Coordinator
Wingra School
Mike Polk
Mike Polk
Sales Consultant, Group Health Cooperative - SCW
Scott Braun
CFO, One Call CFO, LLC

Rebecca Muehl
Manager, SVA Certified Public Accountants
Patrick Berry 
Attorney, Boardman & Clark LLP
Sandi Torkildson
Owner, A Room of One's Own Bookstore

Julie Wolfgram
Owner, Roots in the Ground CSA

Jessica G. Cavazos
Executive Director, Latino Chamber of Commerce