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The Chocolate Caper
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105 S. Main Street
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(608) 835-9294
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The Chocolate Caper is the only maker of swiss praline in Wisconsin, and for a large area beyond Wisconsin. Swiss Pralines are a combination of a tradition from Switzerland and an imaginative use of American ingredients. We use ground hazelnuts, natural peanut butter and pure almond butter combined with milk, white, or bittersweet chocolate, all made by hand in small batches. In addition to praline, The Chocolate Caper offers a wide variety of truffles (over 50 kinds), caramels, toffee, pate de fruits, pecan toffee squares, pecan caramel clusters, chocolate bars, chocolate lollipops and spoons and a variety of other confections and candies.
We consider buying locally to be a critical facet of being good citizens and community members. Buying locally supports local businesses and local economies. It keeps money within local communities where it can be used to serve those communities, and the community reaps the benefits of having a stronger economic standing. It supports our friends and neighbors. It fosters local economies, which in turn support regional, state, and national economies. We show our commitment to local vendors and products by buying locally wherever we can. When we source ingredients and products, we search in concentric circles around our area, expanding our search until we find the closest vendor that can meet our needs.
Ellen and Claude Marendaz founded The Chocolate Caper in 1983. Ellen made chocolate as a hobby, and Claude worked for a chocolatier in Switzerland when young. They began making chocolate out of their home basement and selling at the Farmer's Market. After a few years, customers began asking where they could find their chocolate outside the Market, and The Chocolate Caper shop in downtown Oregon was born. The Donoghue family took over the Caper in 2014, committed to carrying on the traditions the Marendazs had started of making great chocolate at an affordable price and giving back to the community. They were excited to add their own twist to the business, including adding new confections, baked goods, and expanding awareness.
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Elizabeth Donoghue
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