Partnership Program


Our Partnership Program features Dane Buy Local members offering you a discount on their services while simultaneously donating a percentage of their profits. Or, by patronizing their businesses, they will support DBL and its members in some other creative fashion. Save money, support a local business, and give back all at once!

Artisan Dental 


Through its "Enhancing Your Oral and Community Health" program, Artisan Dental will give a new patient a $50 discount on any preventative, restorative, or cosmetic dental service and, in addition, will donate $50 to Dane Buy Local. Mention this offer when you schedule an appointment at 608.467.8022

EZ Office Products - Shopping Sign In

EZ Office Products Partnership Program

In addition, EZ Office Products will donate $0.50 to DBL for each order.

Full Scale Promotions
Full Scale Promotions

FSP will donate 10% back to Dane Buy Local and will give Dane Buy Local members a minimum of 10% off ANY order

Hollywood's Limo Service
Hollywood Limo

HWL will give any Dane Buy Local member $100 off their 4 hour rental.  And will donate $50 for any party over
4 hours back to Dane Buy Local.

Motus Financial 

Are you a fellow Dane Buy Local member? How would you like to take some of the money you already pay for
card processing and have it donated to Dane Buy Local?

We have a very special offer for DBL members. We contribute 20% of the profitability from participating members directly to Dane Buy Local. No one else in the industry does this.

Check out the program below. Follow this link for a NEW offering - Phone Swipe - Pay-as-You-Go.

We are eager to help in any way we can, even if that means helping you stay with where you’re at now.

Motus Financial Affinity program

If you would like to be in our Partnership Program you can contact Colin at